Aerial Photography

1. The art and/or science of taking photography from an aircraft or satellite in flight.

Tom Falcon Harding is a photographer based in Bristol, UK. He specialises in aerial photography and has flown hundreds of hours all across the country for a diverse range of image capture purposes.

After graduating in 'Aerial Photography & GIS' he soon began operating large format cameras for remote sensing and land-mapping purposes. These photographs have been used for a wide variety of projects, including environmental monitoring, town planning and asset management, as well as in high-profile online mapping platforms. Tom's air-time and aviation experience has given him an extensive understanding of the industry, allowing him to offer a wide range of services as a commissioned photographer.

Aerial photography doesn't have to be prohibitive in its costs - through flexible licensing and intelligent sortie planning Tom's rates are highly competitive. As a client he will work closely with you to plan shoots that achieve their desired objectives, taking care of all the necessary planning, permits and aircraft charter required.

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